About No Ordinary Yogi

No Ordinary Yogi podcast is hosted by Katherine Biggs, a yoga teacher and the owner of Great Malvern Yoga, a boutique yoga studio in the heart of Great Malvern in Worcestershire, UK. Kat has been teaching yoga for over seven years and has spent thousands of hours on the yoga mat.


Kat feels that yoga has become elitist. You only have to scroll through Instagram using any one of many hashtags about yoga and you’ll find plenty of intimidating photos of bendy people to put you off ever going to a yoga class. And why would you when the average yoga class just seems to become more and more expensive and yet the teachers come with less and less experience?

Through the No Ordinary Yogi podcast, Kat wants to demystify modern yoga. Let’s say you were thinking about starting a yoga practice. Where would you start to look for information? Probably the internet. And what would you see? Bendy white people contorting themselves into positions more suitable to Cirque du Soleil. And what would you think, as an overweight 42-year old, or someone in their sixties who has never practiced yoga before in their life but your doctor says it would be a good idea to rehabilitate your knee replacement? Highly likely you’d be thinking of running for the hills and completely dismissing the idea of yoga forever. And then there are the magazines. Again, full of beautiful people with limbs that seem to go on forever, kitted out in high-end yoga clothes. Advertising for fancy, luxury yoga holiday resorts that can only be afforded by middle-class folk, but will guarantee to give you the rest and relaxation you need from your stressful, screwed up life.


The reality of most of the yoga classes Kat teaches and attends is actually the opposite. Most people are there in their Matalan leggings or jogging bottoms and an old t-shirt from a charity fun run they did about five years ago. You won’t find a class full of people floating effortlessly in and out of handstand. You might find one person in handstand and the rest of the class cheering them on because they absolutely nailed it for the first time ever. There’s no one to be jealous of because we are all in it together. What one person finds hard is another person’s favourite posture. Just because you can’t do a handstand, it doesn’t make you any less of a yogi.

Kat has started to have conversations with her fabulous friends, her yoga students and fellow teachers. How did we find yoga? Why do we keep coming back? What difference has it made to our lives? If you are curious about yoga or already love yoga and if you like hearing stories about other people’s lives, then this is the podcast for you.


Yoga is for people like us. Yoga is for everyone. There is No Ordinary Yogi.

– Katherine Biggs, Yoga Teacher and owner of Great Malvern Yoga.