EP 1.10: Corrina Gordon-Barnes on Pregnancy, Loss, Yoga and Pineapples.

Show Notes Episode 10

Corrina Gordon-Barnes – On Pregnancy, Loss, Yoga and the inevitable pineapple question.

You need to listen to this episode if you teach pregnancy yoga or if you have ever experienced miscarriage or loss of a baby.  Corrina has some wonderful insights for you.

We talk about how Corrina started her yoga practice and how it developed after her sister became a yoga teacher.  Since her sister moved away she has developed a daily practice using online classes and YouTube videos.

At the time of recording this podcast Corrina was 30 weeks pregnant with her second pregnancy.  As a result of a shortened cervix and being at high risk of a miscarriage she was on restricted movement and talks about how her yoga practice has had to be adapted because of this.

Corrina was first pregnant with Alfie.  Corrina and her wife Sam were told by their doctor that Alfie wasn’t going to make it when she went into early labour at 22+3 weeks.  She talks about how her yoga practice, specifically breathing practices and her ability to be present, helped her immensely when she was in labour with Alfie.

Corrina talks about her feelings and emotions for Alfie.  To someone this has never happened to, the loss of an infant can perhaps seem utterly tragic, but she talks about it very differently.

When she came home from the hospital without a baby she wanted to be able to participate in some online post-natal classes.  She struggled to find anything suitable where the teacher wasn’t talking about babies.  Eventually she contacted a yoga teacher she liked on YouTube and asked if she could create a class specifically for bereaved mothers. 

Channel: Pregnancy and Postpartum TV – Jessica Pumple

Yoga for Bereaved Mothers – This is the practice is dedicated to Alfie and there’s a clip of Corrina at the beginning talking about her journey with Alfie.

We also talk about pregnancy yoga for women who have already experienced a loss and that it’s not all joyful and happy, which is what tends to be the tone of most pregnancy yoga classes. 

At the time this podcast is released, Corrina is 37 weeks pregnant, her cervical stich has been removed and the new arrival could be any day now.  Please keep Corrina and her family in your thoughts and wish her well on the next stage of her journey.

About Corrina

Corrina Gordon-Barnes is Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC) who specialises in relationships and difficult life circumstances.

She is also a qualified teacher (primary, secondary & EFL), trained at Cambridge University.

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Corrina’s talk for Beyond Bea Charity Conference about their journey with Alfie.   

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