EP 1.09: Alexandra Pope – “It’s about community, learning and being stretched”.

Show Notes Episode 9

This week I’m talking to my yoga student Alexandra Pope.  She was one of my very first students, quite a long time ago now and we talk about the journey we’ve been on together for the last eight years.

Listen to Alex talk about her yoga practice and what keeps her coming back to the mat.  She talks about the non-negotiables of her healthy lifestyle and we also speak about the work Alex does and how it relates to yoga.

 This is another episode recorded before Covid-19, so you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t get a mention.

About Alexandra Pope

Alexandra is a co-founder of Red School, where she teaches a radical new approach to women’s health and wellbeing; creativity and leadership; and spiritual life based on the power of our menstruality consciousness.Author of The Wild Genie: the Healing Power of Menstruation (Sally Milner Publishing, 2001), The Woman’s Quest – a 13 session self guiding course (self published, 2006) and co-author of The Pill; are you sure it’s for you? (Allen and Unwin, 2008), Wild Power (Hay House, 2017) – see link below.

Things mentioned in the podcast.

More about your host Katherine Biggs

Katherine Biggs is a yoga teacher and a studio owner, based out of Great Malvern Yoga in Worcestershire.  Having taught over 3000 hours of yoga, she is on a mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.  She believes there is No Ordinary Yogi.  Anyone can practice yoga. 

You can connect with Kat on Instagram or Twitter or search the hashtag #noordinaryyogi.