EP 1.08: Paula Mitten – “The older I get, the less I’m attached to the physical practice”.

Show Notes Episode 8

As I say in the introduction, I wanted to put this episode out now as a tribute to the help recently offered to me by internationally renowned yoga teacher Paula Mitten.  Paula gave me the knowledge and the confidence to take my yoga studio online during this time of Covid-19.  I am truly, truly grateful for what she has empowered me to do over the last few weeks.

 As this episode was recorded before Covid-19 really took a hold, we don’t mention in at all.  Not once!

Paula talks about what led her to begin a yoga practice and how she began to experience the benefits straight away.  She shares how her journey to becoming a yoga teacher began and we have a little reminisce about flicking through the classifieds in Yoga Journal to look for teacher trainings.

We have both made yoga our full-time careers and we talk about how we both always intended to become teachers and how we both reached a point in our lives where there was no option but to teach.

We speak at length about letting go of the need to get somewhere in our posture practice.  Stop trying so hard.  Don’t focus on the outcome.  It’s the mind that stops you sometimes, not the body.

Paula talks about what her personal yoga practice looks like and how it has evolved, especially since her children were born.  How breath work helps in keeping her calm and rational!

I ask Paula about her teaching yoga teacher trainings and the rewards of seeing her students blossom into the role of yoga teachers.  Paula tell us about how she is supporting yoga teachers through her Yoga Success Academy which helps teachers to establish themselves.

She offers some great tips for beginners and for if you are thinking about starting a yoga practice.

Things mentioned in the podcast

Frog Lotus Yoga International – where we did our yoga teacher trainings.

About Paula Mitten
Paula Mitten is a Senior Yoga Teacher, a yoga and prenatal teacher trainer with an expertise in Anatomy and The Business Of Yoga. She is the owner of Durga Yoga Ireland, Yoga Success Academy and the creator of Yoga Teachers Masterclass; an online interview series with top yoga experts from all over the globe.

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Katherine Biggs is a yoga teacher and a studio owner, based out of Great Malvern Yoga in Worcestershire.  Having taught over 3000 hours of yoga, she is on a mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.  She believes there is No Ordinary Yogi.  Anyone can practice yoga. 

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