Month: March 2020

EP 1.06: Helen Rebello – “Yoga taught me to embrace all of me, no matter what”.

Show notes Episode 6

In this episode I’m talking to my good friend and yoga teacher, Helen Rebello. Helen is the Founder of the Magical Life Movement and author of The Magical Unfolding, a marvellous book that offers the reader a step-by-step process to discover who they are and what they want.  (Link at the bottom of these notes).

Helen is a soul mentor to midlife women who want to do their next decade differently, so that they can fulfil their dreams and honour their potential.  She believes that life is too short to spend it being overwhelmed and so that’s what she does – she blends her eastern and western wellness training with movement, mindfulness, meditation & mindset tools to empower midlife women to take control of their destiny.  She is trained in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and Yoga and she’s about to become a Qoya teacher too!

What you can expect to hear in this podcast:

We talk about how and why Helen started her yoga practice.  What she got from her yoga practice initially and how it helped her cope with her stressful job in the NHS.  Find out what kept us both going back to yoga class in the first instance and Helen talks about when yoga started to become important to her. 

Helen talks about the yoga teacher training she did in Goa with Helen Noakes and the reason she did it.  Spoiler: she didn’t want to be a yoga teacher at all!  We talk about those first scary classes we taught and how we still both suffer from imposter syndrome sometimes.

We talk about “Life Before Yoga” and “Life After Yoga”.  How life has never been the same since Helen did her yoga teacher training.

We talk about what yoga means to us and how yoga has supported Helen during the current turning point in her life.  How she doesn’t practice yoga daily – “it’s not just about getting on your mat every day” and we find out what helps Helen stay connected to herself.

Helen shares a top tip for teaching a good yoga class and talks about what she finds challenging about teaching sometimes.  We talk about the sorts of yoga classes we like to attend and we share what we don’t teach, even though we are qualified to!

It’s just a good old chat between two yoga teachers.  Listen in, we have a right old laugh.

Things mentioned in the podcast:
Reclaim Yourself Retreats
Helen Noakes – Scaravelli  Yoga Teacher

How to stay in touch with Helen:

Instagram: @helenrebelloauthor

The Magical Unfolding by Helen Rebello.  The book is 50% off on Amazon for the whole month of March 2020 (not an affiliate link).

Helen’s podcast: The Turning Point Project

More about your host Katherine Biggs

Katherine Biggs is a yoga teacher and a studio owner, based out of Great Malvern Yoga in Worcestershire.  Having taught over 3000 hours of yoga, she is on a mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.  She believes there is No Ordinary Yogi.  Anyone can practice yoga. 

You can connect with Kat on Instagram or Twitter or search the hashtag #noordinaryyogi.

EP1.05 – John & Helen Rees – “The biggest thing is making the commitment to yourself.”

Show Notes Episode 5

In this fifth episode of No Ordinary Yogi podcast, your host Katherine Biggs talks to her friends and former yoga students John & Helen Rees.

“The biggest thing is making the commitment to yourself.”

John and Helen are in their sixties and were my yoga students for a couple years whilst they were still living in Malvern.  I apologise that the sound isn’t great.  We were all preparing for Storm Dennis and it was blowing an absolute hooley where they are in Snowdonia.

We discuss what makes a good yoga teacher and how they are getting back into yoga after a bit of a break.  John talks about when he started his yoga practice and things he finds hard about it.  And Helen talks about her round and about journey onto the mat via Pilates and rehabilitating her sports injuries.  They both talk about when their practices became important to them and how no two yoga practices are ever the same.  We also talk about the emotional support offered by a yoga practice and motivating yourself to getting to yoga.

One element of the conversation I found particularly interesting was when we talked about athletes and yoga’s place in modern sport.  John played some seriously high-level rugby in his time and I found his insights about how they trained then versus how modern athletes train now very interesting.  I wish we’d had more time to talk about this.  But maybe in another podcast, eh?

And finally, we hear about the joys of living in Snowdonia and all about what they’re doing in their “retirement”.

John and Helen always have been two of the most real people I know.  There are no pretences with them. I hope you’ll love them as much as I do.

About John and Helen Rees

John and Helen live in Snowdonia with their three dogs and their daughter Elizabeth who was on Episode 2 of this podcast. 

John is officially retired, but he runs photography workshops around where they live in Snowdonia.  His website is here.  You can also find his beautifully curated Instagram account here.

Helen is a nurse and works in the local GP surgery, as well as looking after the shepherd’s hut on their property – it sounds flipping idyllic.  If you’ve not listened to the podcast – do(!) because they tell us all about life in Snowdonia.  If you fancy visiting them and staying at their shepherd’s hut, you can find it here.