EP 1.04: Jacqui Smith – “I can trust my body now”.

Show Notes Episode 4

In this fourth (already!) episode of No Ordinary Yogi podcast, your host Katherine Biggs talks to her yoga student the Right Honourable Jacqui Smith.

We talk about what led Jacqui to seek out a yoga practice in the first place and when her yoga practice started to become important to her.  We talk about the possibilities of doing yoga in parliament and what political life was like for her.  Jacqui tells us how her practice has evolved, what she likes about it and the difference it has made to her life.  She also opens up about how her yoga practice has supported her through recent tough times.  We have a good giggle about what really happens in our yoga classes and she offers her words of wisdom for anyone thinking about starting a yoga practice.  We move on to talk about what life is like post-parliament and how Jacqui’s job inspires her.

Honestly, we talk about so much stuff! Listen in because it’s a really interesting conversation! 

About Jacqui Smith

Jacqui Smith is a member of the British Labour Party.  She used to be a secondary school teacher until she became the Member of Parliament for Redditch in 1997, holding many ministerial positions before eventually serving as the UK’s first female Home Secretary.

Jacqui left parliament in 2010 and she is now the Chair of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust and the Chair of the Sandwell Children’s Trust providing social care services to vulnerable children.  She is also Chair of the Trustees for The Jo Cox Foundation and the list goes on.  I hope I’m not doing her a disservice by not listing absolutely everything she does here because it is a very long list!

As well as all of the above, Jacqui co-presents a podcast called For The Many with Iain Dale.  I am a bit biased, but I think it’s the best political podcast out there!

You can connect with Jacqui over on Twitter if you are interested in finding out more about what she does.

More about your host Katherine Biggs

Katherine Biggs is a yoga teacher and a studio owner, based out of Great Malvern Yoga in Worcestershire.  Having taught over 3000 hours of yoga, she is on a mission to make yoga accessible to everyone.  She believes there is No Ordinary Yogi.  Anyone can practice yoga. 

You can connect with Kat on Instagram or Twitter or search the hashtag #noordinaryyogi.