EP 1.01- Katherine Biggs: Introducing the No Ordinary Yogi podcast

In this very first episode of the No Ordinary Yogi podcast, your host Katherine Biggs talks about the reasons she decided to start creating conversations about yoga. If you want to find out more, please listen to the episode. It’s only short!

Show Notes Episode 1

 This first episode is short, but full of love.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for listening.  I hope you feel as excited about this podcast as I do!  I love connecting with other people, so if you feel inspired or have any questions, connect with me over on Instagram or use the contact form on this website.

 And if you are interested in becoming part of the magical Great Malvern Yoga community, please visit our website.

About Your Host

Katherine Biggs has been a yoga teacher for seven years, and five years ago she founded Great Malvern Yoga, a dedicated yoga space in the heart of Great Malvern in Worcestershire.  An old boss once said to her that if you cut her in half, you would find the word “yoga” running through the middle.  This is not too far from the truth.  Her mission is to bring yoga to everyone, regardless of physical condition, so they can start living a more conscious and mindful life.

Kat lives in the beautiful Malvern Hills in the UK, where she can often be found drinking coffee and stroking her four cats.  She believes that if everyone does more yoga, we can all learn to live a life full of love. 

Credits & love for this episode: Chris Morley (for the technical help & teaching me how to use Gimp), Linda Biggs (for listening to endless takes of this first episode) and Helen Rebello (for the encouragement and belief that I could do it).


Lazy Afternoon by Zac Nelson from www.premiumbeat.com