Month: January 2020

Coming soon!

Hello, and welcome to the No Ordinary Yogi podcast. The podcast is not quite ready for the world yet, but it will be here in the very near future.

What’s it about?

I believe there is No Ordinary Yogi.  Every yogi is a beautiful, unique human with their own story to tell.

  • Are you interested in hearing about real-life yogis talking about real-life yoga?
  • Are you interested in yoga but never quite made it onto a yoga mat?
  • Do you have some preconceptions about yoga and you think it’s all navel-gazing and trying to hold in a fart?

In the No Ordinary Yogi podcast, you can listen to yoga students and yoga teachers talk about our practices.  What gets us on the mat?  What keeps us on the mat?  And how has yoga helped us navigate the twists and turns in our lives? Every week I talk to ordinary folk who do yoga.  We share our stories and our experiences both on and off the mat, in the hope we will inspire you to start or continue your yoga practice. It’s also possible we’ll end up talking about farts.